“Doug, do you have a clue what Huntington’s Disease is? Its a curse passed from generation to generation. One day you will be forced to realize that.”Anonymous

Well, let me address this!

I have been to the lowest pits conceivable, I’ve plummeted as low as a human can go. You didn’t witness my battles, You didn’t see how low I was buried, The torture, the torment, the anger. Well, let me apologize. You didn’t see those things because I FOUGHT BACK.

I made the choice one day That my war with HD would be my greatest life story. I said to myself I will use this to evolve, to grow, to  be a better person. The endeavors of doing this are real. Huntington’s Disease is my training partner shoving me harder to my breaking points, asking if I’ve got the courage, the toughness, and the before character to make it Through. Well, I’ve got plenty enough, the desire, the will power, the  guts,  the heart, and I’ve got the purpose. I have made the commitment to use every single ounce of my strength, every single day to ensure my fight back. If there is no way, then I  will make my own path, Huntington’s Disease doesn’t scare me, Huntington’s Disease drives me.

I’ve already had a REALIZATION, and I realized I’ve got ONE life to show my true character. Only ONE LIFE to give the world my very best.

Most Individuals give up their life coming up with all types of reasons how life cursed them, they didn’t get the right schooling, they don’t have the talent, they Inherited an INCURABLE DISEASE. Listen good health dosen’t guarantee you anything in this life. The world is riddled with people in perfect health that have not achieved anything of signifance. This world is full of althlets and all sorts of people that are out performed by an individual with a disabling Disease. Excuses are for the weak. It wouldn’t take you long to find a massive success story of a person with a disabling Disease or an  incurable disease with a rentless desire to live. Don’t stop living before your time. Don’t let Huntington’s Disease write your story for you, Don’t disable yourself with negativity before HD becomes disabling.

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