The Overly Concerned Person:

This is the person that keeps up with all the Doctors appointments they call, the night before, mornin’ of, they even have the Doctor appointment scientifically mapped out, and when the cell phone rings as the HD patient is leaving the Doctor’s office it’s this person calling.  They are constantly emailing the newest article off HDBUZZ, offering advice on how a person with HD should  live, what they should eat,  they keep up to date on the hottest/new homeopathic treatment options,and possibly treat somebody pyschically disabled just for inheriting the HD gene. They may have good intentions but are often too overbearing, and as the nature of their  OCD becomes like a vice tightening around the skull, the HD person may want to punch them in the face.

The Overly Positive Person:

I will refer to this person as the  Cincinnati Browns fan. They avoid realizing how much Huntington’s Disease can suck for someone dealing with the symptoms. They tend to be narrow minded and only understand what can physically be seen by the eye, refusing to acknowledge depression, anxiety, OCD, and the pyschicatric symptoms as debilitating issues in HD. With the peppiness of a high-school cheerleader at a homecoming football game, and with the dedication of a  Browns fan they will constantly show up, halfheartedly offering encouragement to someone with HD by using catchy phrases like “you can do it, kick it’s ass, prove them wrong, It will be ok” without elobrating on what those are really supposed to mean, and lacking any substantial encouragement or advice a person with HD can be left feeling confused and frustrated; with the inclination to punch them in the face!

The Pretend Person:

This person is the one that trys to be most accomdating. They always show up to help, tend to be there for a talk, Appear to go above and beyond, however, they show up with a bad attitude, even though they’re willing to to offer support their face says they would rather be eating a taco. They tend to be more concerned with glorifying themself  rather than helping, and the people with a neurodegrenitive Disease like HD can still pick up on this, and be urged  to punch them in the face.

The Other Person With HD:

It’s always beneficial to talk with people that have gone through similar experiences, that can fully understand the impact of symptoms, but occasionally the conversation with a fellow HD person seems more like a try-out at a football combine. Like they’re competing against the clock in a 40 yard dash to see who will burn neurons faster.  undoubtedly ones  CAG count will be a focal point, like it has some sort of unchallenged supremacy. A person with HD may be inclined to answer the question of, what’s your CAG count? With F… You!! That’s my CAG. While wanting to punch them in the face.

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